Shabbat Vayigash

Candles - Friday, December 22 @ 4:12pm
Havdalah - December 23 @ 5:08pm
Fast of Asarah BeTevet Thursday 28th December

Kiddush sponsored this week by the Zamir Family
in memory of their mother Nurit (Noushafarin) bat Chanom & Yehuda.

And in memory of Victor Ben Khadoury Shukur, Eliyahu Ben Reuben Iny,
Cheryl Cohen Bat Faigy, Meir Shlomo Hai Ben Shaoul.

Joseph, from being an outcast and a slave, is now one of the most powerful men in the world. He can use his position to toy with and humiliate his brothers. His rational side tells him he must ensure that they realize that he is in control. Make them pay and submit to him. His final ploy is to frame Benjamin so that he can claim him as his slave.

How do the brothers react? Judah pleads for Benjamin. And he also pleads for his father. He is of course trying to win over Joseph by asserting the values of respect and love for parents, brotherhood and responsibility. All things that were missing earlier. And he is hoping to change Joseph’s mind by making the brothers to be good caring people.

Joseph is deeply affected emotionally. He capitulates. But he does so in private. He cannot be seen in public to be weak. And he too goes through a transition, from identifying as an Egyptian to reasserting his Israelite identity openly and bringing his family down to Goshen.

This painful episode shows us how adversity can help people change, by looking at their predicament in life and altering values and behavior. The way both Joseph and his brothers did. A combination of mental agility and spirituality.