Shabbat Vayeyshev

Candles - December 8th @ 4:08pm
Havdala - December 9th @ 5:03pm

Joseph is thrown down into the pit twice. The first time by his brothers, then by Potiphar. And he makes use of his gifts of dream interpretation to raise himself above the rest of the victims. In jail Pharaoh’s servants, the baker and the butler have dreams which they tell him. The question is whether his gift is Divine or the result of his own intellect and ability to read signs and people. The way mentalists or mind readers do.

In the case of his dreaming that one day he would lead all his brothers, that might be wishful thinking, inspired by his father favoring him. However, it could be a Divine message too. But in the case of the butler and the baker it seems he was relying on his own powers. They were both thrown into prison for being careless. Either because a fly fell into the cup or the dough was sour (to give one midrash of many).

The butler dreamt he had three clusters of grape buds that blossomed and flourished. He squeezed their juice into Pharaoh’s cup. Joseph’s interpretation was that he would be returned to his position. What Joseph sensed was that it had not been his fault. He might get a second chance. Besides a butler is closer personally to the king than a baker. He has a more direct relationship. He stands next to him while he pours. The king might have had more reason to forgive him. His dream reflected his optimism that he would once again serve his master personally. Joseph sensed something positive in his attitude that predicted a positive future.

Three cups, three days was easy, because he knew when Pharaoh's birthday was. All king's birthdays are cause for celebrations and usually amnesties. Not difficult.

The baker dreamt that was also going to be service carrying the bread, but that the birds of prey were attacking it. Once again, he was neglectful, as with preparing the dough. And as those who are hung are often attacked by birds of prey, it was clear his dream reflected his guilty conscience and he was doomed.

Joseph had indeed been given a special brain by his maker. But he used logic, common sense, and the ability to understand human nature. Someone with confidence like himself. It is when people give up or are defeatist that they fail to take advantage of the opportunities offered to them.