Sucot 2017

First Days of Sucot 2017
Wednesday, October 4th - Candles @ 6:13 pm
Thursday, October 5th - Service @ 9:30 am

The Eshaghian family will be celebrating Mr. Moussa Eshaghian’s Birthday on 1st day of Sucot, October 5th, 2017. The family will be sponsoring the Kiddush in his honor and are delighted to invite the community to join them.

The Talmud gives three reasons for the commandment to build a Sucah on the festival of Sucot.

The first is that future generations would know and be reminded that in our distant past we were refugees in the desert without proper homes and the Almighty shepherded us through those difficult times into our homeland. History.

The second is protection from the sun. We live in a world of contrasts, nature can nurture and benefit and it can destroy. We need to take steps to protect ourselves. To understand the natural world and care for it and for ourselves. Nature.

The third is the temporariness of life. Its transience. It can be gone or destroyed in a flash. And that is why we need to appreciate the gift of life. It is not permanent or guaranteed. Life.

All three of these require the presence of God. And they are relevant to each one of us. But we will focus on what presents the most urgent challenge to our immediate lives as Jews and citizens.

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