Revised Timetable for Yom Kipur 2017


Friday, September 29th
Yom Kipur Kol Nidrei
Candles 6:22 pm
Fast Begins 6:25 pm
Mincha 6:30 pm & Kol Nidrei

Shabbat, September 30th
Shacharit 9:30 am
Torah 10:45 am
Musaf 11:45 am
Sermon 12:30 pm
Mincha 4:00 pm
Neilah 5:45 pm
Fast ends 7:14 pm

Please remember not to bring cell phones to the synagogue and to respect the atmosphere for those who wish to pray and mediate. If you want to talk please do so outside the sanctuary. And please ask your children play outside and not disturb those praying. Thank You.

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