Shabbat Parshat Tsav, Shabbat HaGadol

Friday April 7th Candles @ 7:07pm
Havdalah, April 8th @ 8:03pm

The Shabbat before Pesah is called Shabbat HaGadol. It records the first command to the children of Israel in Egypt to take actions to prepare for their freedom. So it was a “great” positive event. But Shabbat HaGadol also came to be “great” for distinguishing the Rabbinic Jewish identity as against those who challenged it.

It was a matter of dispute within Judaism two thousand years ago as to whether Pesah had to be celebrated, not on the 15th of Nissan but on the Shabbat before it. The dispute threatened the unity of the tradition. And Christianity recorded the death of their founder as taking place on that the Sabbath for which they blamed the Jews and led to the cataclysmic schism and enmity.

Thus this Shabbat came to represent the greatness of our tradition, as well as the hope that, as the Haftarah says, Eliyahu will one day bring about the reunification under one God.

We face challenges from within of sectarianism and different ideologies. We face external antagonism from other religions. But it is when we come together by taking steps to safeguard our freedoms that we can maintain our integrity in a divided world.

Shabbat Shalom


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Sunday Night 9th April - Bedikat Hametz. Search for Hametz by candlelight.
Monday 10th - Erev Pesah. Biur Hametz. Burning leftover Hametz.
One may not eat Hametz after 10:45am.
Candles 7:10 pm, followed by Maariv and 1st Seder.
Tuesday 11th - Morning Service 9:30am.
Candles 8:05pm, followed by 2nd Seder.
Wednesday 12th - Havdalah 8:07pm

Shabbat Hol Hamoed Friday April 14th

Last two days April 17th & 18th

Hag Sameah