Shabbat Tetsaveh/Shabbat Zachor

Candles Friday March 10th 5:37pm
Shabbat ends 6:40pm March 11th

Kiddush is sponsored by
Nico, Jonathan, Stephanie, and Emma Moinian, and Ryan, David and Celine Elazari

Megillah Saturday Night will start promptly at 7:30 pm

We dedicate one Shabbat each year to remembering the fact that in very generation there are people who hate Jews and want to destroy and eradicate them simply for who they are and will use any pretense or excuse to condemn and set Jews apart. We call it the Shabbat of Remembrance, Shabbat Zachor. It is always the Shabbat before Purim when we celebrate the downfall of Haman who wanted to destroy the Jews in the Persian Empire simply because they were different.

We know of course that for two thousand years Christianity and then Islam have both tried their best to convert or destroy us. And when it suited them they tolerated us only on the understanding that we accepted an inferior or subjugated position. We might have thought that after the Holocaust, and in a modern so called scientific, objective world, such evil, diseased prejudice would have disappeared. But it is actually getting worse. Just think, billions of Muslims, billions of Left Wingers are all taught to be against us, not forgetting the fascist, racist anti-Semites.

Iran can declare it wants to eliminate Israel. Hamas can declare it wants to destroy Israel and all Jews too. And no one bats an eyelid. Women around the world are enslaved, raped and subjected to genital mutilation but only Israel is condemned in the UN as the source of evil. We are described as colonialists even if it was others who colonized the Land of Israel after we were driven out.

In America, Black Lives Matter and on Monday the International Women’s Strike picked only on Israel from all the nations of the world. The Teachers Unions of schools and colleges support anti-Israel prejudice and inculcate their pupils with the poison that allows disparagement of Jews who fight for their liberation and the right to have a homeland of their own. It's neither honest or objective. Anti-Semitism is an illogical disease and we must never forget it. The only way to combat it is to remember, to stand firm, to refuse to give in and to bring up children to be proud of their Judaism.