Shabbat Shelah Leha

Candles Friday 1st July 8:11 pm
Havdalah 2nd 9:06 pm
Mevarhin Rosh Hodesh Tammuz Wednesday & Thursday

Ten spies came back from Canaan and said “We can’t do It” (Numbers 13:31). Two said “Yes we can” (Numbers 14:8). Now I agree it’s not quite the same percentage as 48% saying let’s stay in Europe and 52% who said “No Thank You.” But parables are never 100% exact neither are analogies. But they can make a point.

“OK,” said Moses, “let’s take a vote.” And the majority said, “No, thank you. We’d rather go back to the way it was.” (Numbers 14:2) Moses said, “I am terribly sorry but the Egyptians don’t want you back any more, at least not on your terms. So you are now stuck. You don’t want to go forward and you can’t go back. It’s going to take another generation until we sort this mess out.” (Numbers 14:33).

“Oh no,” they said, “how terrible. We have changed our minds we really do want to go up.” (Numbers 14:39).

Moses replied, “Sorry, too late, you can’t. They don’t want to negotiate” (Numbers 14:41).

The people who complained insisted, “Let us try anyway, perhaps they will let us in after all” (Numbers 14:44).

“Well it is on your own heads,” said Moses. And sure enough they got a walloping (Numbers 14 :45).

And so it took a whole generation until the millennials got into power and decided to go in after all and undo the mess their parents had made (Numbers 14:33).

The moral of the story is that you do not leave major decisions to the mob to decide. Democracy means having sensible leaders who are not afraid to make unpopular decisions, not those who leave difficult decisions to a popular referendum. It was true of Moses and its true of us. If the popular vote messed up Britain just make sure it doesn't mess up the USA too!

Happy Independence Day, 4th of July.