Pesach 2016 & Shabbat

Thursday evening April 21st:
Bedikat Hametz - Search for Hametz after 8pm.
Sell your Hametz:
Email Rabbi Rosen (jeremyrosen(at)msn.com) with details of locations before midnight.

Friday 22nd:
Stop eating Hametz by 9:51am; Burn Hametz by 11:08am

Candles Friday 22nd @ 7:23pm
1st Seder Night

Pesach 1st Day & Shabbat Morning 23rd April, Service 9:30am
Prayer for Tal (Dew)

Candles for Second Day: Saturday 23rd April 8:19pm
Second Seder Night
Start Counting the Omer after 8:40pm

Sunday April 24th: 2nd Day Pesach
Sunday Morning Service 9:30am

Happy Pesach wherever you are!