Shabbat Bamidbar

Candles Friday 22nd 7:53pm

Festival of Shavuot
Begins and light Candles Saturday 23rd at 8:49pm

Sunday 24th 1st Day Shavuot
Service 9:30am

Monday 25th 2nd Day Shavuot
Service 9:30am
Festival ends 8:50pm

We start reading the book of Bamidbar, named after the wilderness where we were formed into a people. The desert seems barren but it isn’t if you look beyond the superficial. Its silence has been the cradle of spirituality in contrast to the bustle and noise of cities.

Shavuot ( Saturday Night) is both a harvest festival and the anniversary of the revelation on Mount Sinai when the Torah became the constitution of the Children of Israel.

It combines the importance of the physical, material world we live in, that we rely on and have responsibility for. It also reminds us that without a moral code and spiritual dimension our lives cannot be complete.

Torah values the ability to appreciate quiet, silence in which we can nurture our souls before venturing out into the busy, selfish material world that also need to survive. Silence is where we can go to recharge our batteries! The desert is where one can be completely alone. But one needs to come back into community and civilization.

The festival reminds us of another world. Another experience and another soul.