Shabbat Nitzavim and Vayeyleh

Candles Friday 6:38 pm
Havdalah Saturday 7:40 pm

Don't forget Rosh Hashanah begins next Wednesday evening.

In this double parsha we read from the Torah this week, there are three underlying themes.

We are heirs to a tradition that started at Sinai over three thousand years ago, long before any other monotheistic religion. Metaphorically, we all stood there to receive and commit ourselves o perpetuating that tradition.

Human beings by nature are changeable, malleable and fickle. Many of us will inevitably turn our backs on our tradition and simply lose out by rejecting it.

But just as significant is that many of us will always return to our tradition and thus we will defy the odds and survive.

If we look back at history, these statements have all been born out. We have always managed to survive and Judaism has been kept alive in the face of world opposition. Many Jews have assimilated or been lost in other ways. And yet despite it all we are still here.

What an appropriate message for this time of the year as we prepare for Rosh Hashanah and the inevitable question, “Where do I stand and what am I doing to help keep us alive.”