Shabbat Korah

Shabbat Rosh Hodesh Tammuz
Candles Friday 7th 8:05pm. Havdalah 8th at 9:00pm

The rebellion against Moshe’s authority by Korah and his co-conspirators was the most serious challenge to his leadership in the Bible. It came after the 10 spies had revealed deep insecurity within the Children of Israel. This was followed by Miriam and Aharon showing how Moshe’s own family was challenging him. Then Korah, a close relative, one of the Levites, tried to overthrow him and then all the discontents rallied to his banner. This apparent collapse of Moshe’s support within the top echelons of the people mirrors the collapse of trust in God.

There are in my view two lessons. One is that one tragedy is often followed by another. Once ones physical body loses its strength, then other illnesses tend to follow. The body becomes weaker and it is harder to fight back and regain strength. That’s true personally and nationally.

Similarly when we experience reverses in our personal lives, business or career, we often lose a measure of confidence and we might feel sorry for ourselves and sink into depression or develop an exaggerated sense of failure.

Moshe’ reaction to the reverses run’s the gamut of dignified detachment, anger, denial and self- doubt. Yet somehow he managed to fight back, to regain his confidence and re-assert his leadership which remained unchallenged then until his death. It helped that God was on his side. But it required his own inner strength and character to harness that support.