Shabbat Vayeyra

Begins Friday 5:30pm
Ends Saturday 6:30pm

We have all had a difficult week; some much more than others. For most of us in Mid and Upper Manhattan we have been spared too much discomfort. But for many of our families in Brooklyn, Long Island, and New Jersey, it continues to be fraught.

We are reminded that for all our progress and technology we remain at the mercy of nature. The idea of God represents the reality that there is so much in this universe we cannot comprehend and so many forces beyond our control. We humans tend very easily to get arrogant. One of the values of religion is to remind us of our limitations. If we think what secular society has to offer us is enough, we are failing ourselves. By all means go to the gym and beauty parlor to improve your bodies, but remember your souls too. They also need feeding.