Shabbat Chayey Sarah

Begins Friday 4:24pm
Havdalah Saturday 5:20pm

Rosh Chodesh Kislev is Thursday Nov 15

On Shabbat after the service, Kayvan Hakim is donating a special Kiddush and great collection of his favorite drinks upstairs in the gymnasium which will be combined with a Question and Answer session with Rabbi Jeremy on any topic you would like to talk about. It is in honor of his late mother, COUBA HAKIM A”H.

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Let me try to illustrate why Rebeccah was such a special person. Imagine a modern day Rebeccah living in say, Brooklyn or Great Neck. She goes to the door and there’s a strange man who says his car has run out if gas and asks if she can she help. And she says “Sure, let me grab my coat, fetch the gas can we have in the garage and I’ll walk with you to the nearest gas station, fill it up walk back and pour it into your tank and give you a cup of coffee before you go on your way.”

Wouldn’t you think she was something really special? How many girls nowadays do you think would do that? More likely they’d be on their cells texting and probably send the help to answer the door! The trouble is that if she were very good looking and slim she’d have no trouble finding a husband. But if she were just kind and caring, but not so hot, she’d probably find it much harder. Which set of values is the Torah telling us is preferable do you think?