Shabbat Nitzavim

Begins at 6:47pm on Friday, August 14
Ends at 7:41pm on the 15th

The Shabbat before Rosh Hashanah is the conclusion of Moses’s prose testament to the Israelites. In it he emphasizes that we all have choices in life. We are heirs to traditions and we can and often do repudiate them. Being Jewish simply involves accepting one's legacy and making it something creative and productive in our lives. No threats, just realism. Take it or leave it. There’s no magic to it. It’s like fitness. Spiritual fitness is like physical fitness. You do it, you benefit. You don’t, you won’t. This time of the year reminds us that if we don’t invest, we can’t profit.

Here’s the timetable for Rosh Hashanah in case you missed it last week:

Rosh Hashanah Services at Park East
(between Lexington and East 68th, upstairs in the gym)

Erev Rosh Hashanah - Sunday, September 16
Candles 6:45 pm Evening service with Chazzan Uriel 7:00 pm

1st Day Rosh Hashanah - Monday, September 17
Shacharit 9:00 am
Torah 10:30 am
Shofar 11:30 pm
Evening service 7:30 pm

2nd Day Rosh Hashanah - Tuesday, September 18
Shacharit 9:00 am
Torah 10:30 am
Shofar 11:30 am
Yom Tov ends 7:40 pm