Shabbat Korach

Begins Friday 22nd at 8.11 pm
Ends 23rd at 9.15 pm

We have read previously about Miriam and Aaron complaining about Moshe’s private life. This week concerns the rebellion led by Korach which was political. It was a direct challenge to Moses’s authority.

Korach uses a phrase that has already been spoken by Moses himself as well as Miriam and Aaron. “All the people of God are holy.” But then he goes on to question Moses’s right to lead. As we know this was God’s decision and Moses is happy to debate the issue. But then all the discontents around Korach jumped onto his bandwagon and raised all their own personal grievances. In other words the original issue was left behind in the nasty personal battle that ensued.

What sounded like a noble, legitimate challenge to autocratic authority, turned into a selfish, dishonest pursuit of power.

And isn’t it like that today in politics? You might start by saying Obama is a poor President who failed to deliver or that Romney would not do any better and might be worse. But why then go into stupid irrelevant personal issues and cheap commercials that really are simply ways of trying to destroy your enemy personally, not really dealing with the real issues?

In the end it all boiled down to God re-electing Moses for a second term and telling everyone else that they could bring whatever problems or criticisms they had to the table for discussion. But one had to let the man chosen for the job to get on with it. If you want to challenge someone, do it on the issues, not on the person.